Little E Kids 12″ Electric Balance Bike

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Available in 4 colours: green, red, blue, black

The Little E is an electric balance bike that has been designed specifically for kids.

It is the perfect way for children aged 2 to 6 years to build confidence on two wheels.

The youngest ones can use the bike without power, like a regular balance bike.

Then when they’re 3 or 4, the lowest speed setting (9 kmph) lets them get used to the throttle and start using the electric power.

When they’re 5 or 6, you can switch to the higher speed setting (18kmph) and they’ll have a whole lot of fun.

By the time they’re ready to move on to their next bike, the Little E will have helped them develop confidence and skills for that next stage.

*Spare (generic non-LG) battery available for just $37.50!


Battery LG 24V 2.6Ah Lithium Ion
Brakes Rear drum brake
Fork Steel
Frame Aluminium alloy
Maximum assist 9kmph or 19kmph maximum speed settings
Maximum load 34kg
Motor 24V 100W motor
Tyres 12″ hybrid tyres
Warranty 6 months
Weight 9kg