Subscribe your Ride

Subscribe is the new buy! Subscribing to an e Bike is a brilliant choice for a greener, stress-free, and cost-effective commute.

Hassle Free Subscription

Say goodbye to traffic, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy the convenience of an electric bike. It’s a smart investment for a more sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle. Join the Kaieke (Te Reo “Rider”) revolution today!

Key positives of Subscribing:

– 12 week minimum term
– Test rides available
– Options to purchase
– Insurance and maintenance covered in subscription
– For commuting and leisure
– Corporate options available

– Tax deductible expense for business customers
– Fringe benefit tax exemption for employees
– Great range of quality ebikes
– Full health and safety training supplied
– Handy extra’s available including panniers, child seats etc…

Available to subscribe now